How To Curl Your Hair With Hair Straighteners

If you don't have a dedicated curling iron then you can use your hair straighteners to curl your hair! Takes a little longer and a bit trickier but it's great if you're struggling.

We're using some GHD IV Styler hair straighteners in this tutorial but you can do this with other hair straighteners really for similar results. Read our easy to follow guide on curling your hair with hair straighteners. You can also use this example with a flat iron too.

Curl Hair With Hair Straighteners - Step 1
Curl Hair With Hair Straighteners - Step 2
Curl Hair With Hair Straighteners - Step 3

Video & Images © Jamie Johnston - YouTube

Step 1 - Divide your hair into smaller sections first of a similar size as this makes it much easier to create tighter curls. Use bigger sections of hair for loose waves and bigger curls.

Step 2 - Use GHD Curl Hold spray (if you have any, or a similar product) to protect your hair from excessive heat and this also helps keep your curls in your hair for longer.

Step 3 - Take a section of hair and place your hair straightener near the top (a few inches away from the roots). Clamp the hair with the hair straightener and twist the hair lightly around once. Don't use too much pressure here as it's all about making sure the hair gets enough heat and the hair straighteners maintain a constant temperature for best results.

Step 4 - Once the hair is clamped lightly and wrapped around the hair straightener, rotate the straighteners 180 degrees so it creates some resistance. Now, keeping the straighteners in that position, slowly move them down the hair away from you while trying to keep a consistent speed for consistent curls.

Step 5 - Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until done.

You'll need to experiment as everyone has different hair types, thickness etc so practice and remember for the best results.